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Engineering Support
Engineering Support

Engineered for success

With minimum downtime and enabling quick turnaround time (TAT), we are SLA-bound for on-time delivery in our engineering support processes. A number of engineering tasks are essential prior to set up operations in organizations. Whether it is the manufacturing/chemical sector or software, engineering drawings on connectivity, space optimization and office architecture require to be generated. Several test reports are necessary to declare the infrastructure fit for use. Here is where we come to your aid:

  • For electrical and electronic processes, Wi-Fi signal analysis and routers placed globally; site survey creation: ergonomically planned seats and power supply.
  • Under mechanical engineering processes, finite element analysis (FEA) is done to prevent downtime, mechanical breakdown, etc. A back-end analysis ensures success of the business.
  • Under civil and architecture processes, we prepare engineering drawings to optimize office architecture and space. We ensure accurate engineering drawings for execution with CAD/CAM. We also provide industrial engineering processes like route optimization to reduce delays and factory design to ergonomically designed workspaces that improve productivity.
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