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Finance & HR
Finance & HR

The best of finance & HRM at eMpulse

Our Finance & Accounting (F&A) and Human Resource Management (HRM) processes are counted among the best in the industry. Financial approval, payroll and other routine tasks require a high degree of skill and domain understanding. This is where eMpulse makes the mark. Our skilled and experienced resources take on these crucial tasks and ensure that your burden is relieved. Strictly bound by Six Sigma driven error-free processing, we deliver on schedule. Among our services are:

  • Customer invoice generation
  • Vendor payment management
  • Generating supplementary information for invoices

We carry out regular finance audits. Job completion validation is done and no project is officially closed without a customer sign-off. Our invoice follow-up process ensures payments are regular. Other services include:

  • Customer database management
  • Payroll management
  • Appraisal management

We also carry out cost entry services that involves keying in material costs and charges provided, into a cloud portal.

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