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Operational Framework

Green, global and cost-effective

Our green (paperless), global, cost-effective services set us apart from competition. Quality output delivered via cutting-edge technology saves cost and time for clients. Here is a look at our operational framework:

  • Support the execution of operations
  • Cost arbitrage, performing non-core processes

We undertake a range of activities under operations’ processes to ensure timely support. Our customers enjoy efficient deliveries under great cost arbitrage framework. If you have any non-core but essential processes that involve tedious manual tasks, you can consider us. Some of the tasks our remote team can undertake are:

  • Auditing the pictures of the equipment's installed or repaired at the site
  • Uploading various documents of field engineers
  • Auditing the pictures of serial numbers of equipment submitted by field engineers
  • Operations performance report
  • Monitoring whether tasks were delivered on time

The benefits to our customers are immense. These include:

  • 24/7 execution of processes
  • Cost arbitrage for performing non-core processes
  • Pictures of the equipment installed or repaired at the site provided for audits
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